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We understand a parent's worry when their teenage son or daughter gets behind the wheel of a car for the first time on their own. Statistics show:
43% of first year drivers have automobile collisions.
37% of second year drivers have automobile collisions.
There are approximately 47,000 teen crashes per year in Massachusetts.
Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teens. The economic cost of an at-fault accident for a teen driver is significant when you consider the deductible cost and state mandated increase in future premiums. More important than the economic cost is the safety of your child.

We offer exclusive access to an advanced driver training course that teaches your child the skills needed to remain “crash-free” and give you the security of knowing they are well equipped to recognize and handle dangerous situations on the road.

In Control Advanced Driver Training has developed a crash avoidance course specifically desigined for teen drivers. It is a “hands-on” training program taught in a controlled and safe environment. Instructors are professional drivers who have provided driver training for many Police Departments across the state.

In Control Advanced Driver Training results in:
Reduced crash probability from 43% to under 5%.
Significant improvement in the ability to recognize dangerous situations and handle a vehicle in an emergency.
The ability to do a panic stop, control a skid and perform an emergency lane change at real world speeds.

Lehr & Barnes Insurance Agency has arranged for you to receive a $50 credit toward the registration fee for In Control ADT classes.

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